Military Service Support

Military duty is an important service, but when our service is done, the return to civilian life can be difficult.

The Hope Church Family wants you to know that you are not alone and we are here for you.  Among our church family are former and current service members of every description.

Please reach out to Pastor Bob so he can connect you to some support partners among our Church Family.  Please feel free to request prayers via our Prayer Request Page!

Thank You For Your Service!







Earl Ammons-US Navy
Joe Bainbridge-US Navy
Linda Barnard-US Coast Guard
Gary Bartelt-US Army/Florida National Guard-Retired
Al Belusky-US Army
Hubert Bodwin-US Navy
Brenda Braitling-US Army Reserve
Charles Braitling-US Air Force
Christopher Carter-US Naval Reserve
Lou Carter-US Naval Reserve-Retired
Pastor Joe Conner-US Navy
Donna Ehrlich-US Army
Jack Gesser-US Army Air Corp
Art Harris-National Guard
Joseph Herzhauser-US Air Force
Kenneth Heystek-US Navy
Norman Johnson-US Army-Retired
Joe LaFrance-US Army
William Milanese-US Air Force
Al Mueller-US Army
Rodger Nelson-US Army Air Corp
Jack Pisecco-US Navy-Retired
Allen Rissmiller-US Army
Joseph Sarazen-Us Army
Herb Scheurer-US Navy-Retired
Don Shipley-US Navy
Michael Shipley-US Army
Pat Shipley-US Navy
Richard Spranger-US Navy
Jimmy Spranger–US Army
Phil Tarpley-US Army Air Corp
Anthony Todd-US Air Force

Currently on Active Duty

Adam Graetz-US Army
Sean Harriman-US Army
Hideyoshi Johnson-US Army
Jason Madaus-US Army
Daniel Mallen-US Air Force
Derek Mallen-US Air Force
James Martin-US Coast Guard
Sean McKenzie-US Army
Carla Pisecco-US Navy
Anthony(AJ) Shipley-US Army
Samantha Frank-Shipley-US Army
Daniel Wojcik-US Army
Evan Williams-US Army

In Rememberance

Joe Andrasic-US Army Air Corp
Ken Bailey-US Army
Edward G. Barber-US Army
Milton Bartelt-US Army
Larry Boos-US Navy
Thomas Dybo-US Army
MacFadden Campbell-US Army
Anna Feilback-US Army
Leon Feilback-US Navy
Johnathan Johns-US Navy
Matt Kading-US Army
Richard Kemp-US Army
William Martin-US Army
Vincent Rodriguez-US Army
John Smetana-US Navy

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This is not an up to date list of all who have served.
If an omission has been made, or a correction is needed, please fill out the form below.

Thank you.