Holy Week & Easter

We gather to remember two things: the birth of the Lord’s Supper and Jesus’ commandment to love and serve one another. We will celebrate with a liturgical washing of hands. This way all can participate. And we will celebrate and share in Holy Communion.

We gather to remember the death of Jesus on the cross. This Tenebrae service is a service of darkness. We extinguish candles as we read scriptures and share prayers.

We emerge from our somber Lenten, Holy Week journey into the Victory of Jesus over sin, death and the devil. This is the Feast of Victory! We ‘unbury’ the Alleluia and Celebrate! Christ is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

7:30am Easter Sunrise Service
We gather outside on the 62nd Ave side of the Fellowship Hall. A simple yet profound service as the dawn breaks!

8:45am Easter Breakfast
Join us for a great hot meal and awesome fellowship! We can’t celebrate at Hope without food!

9:30 am Easter Egg Hunt
All our children are invited to take part in our annual Easter egg hunt. A fun search for eggs with candy and the like is always a thrill. Kids invite your friends to church and the egg hunt.

9:45am Searching for the Cross
Our older children are invited to join us in searching for the cross. Jesus’ Cross connects the Good Friday death with the Easter victory! Yes, the tomb is empty, but the great salvation even began with the cross.

10am Releasing of the Butterflies!
To celebrate our New Life through Christ’s Resurrection we will be releasing butterflies on Easter Sunday.

10:15am Easter Festival Worship Service!
Festooned with Lilies and flowers we join in Boldly declaring JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN TODAY. THIS IS THE FEAST OF VICTORY FOR OUR GOD! Join in the celebration of music, the Word, and the meal!