Electronic Giving Portal

The portal is best viewed using Google Chrome browser .

Donate to Hope Lutheran St. Petersburg FL via portal

One portal for access

We have chosen to use a Browser Portal rather than a Mobile App, which would require supporting dozens of types of devices. The browser portal has a “View Mobile Site” link which adjusts everything to your screen size.

In the Habit of Giving?
Consider eGiving !

Starting with the First Sunday of February, 02/02/2020, Hope Lutheran officially began accepting donations online using secure eGiving services.

With eGiving you have a choice in how you would like to give:

  1. Set up a regularly scheduled offering
  2. Select a one-time special offering.

If you always sign on with your Profile, even for a one time transaction, it will automatically gather everything to your account and your giving report.

How an eGiving Account works…

Please Create A Profile before you begin using eGiving so all of your transactions are automatically gathered to one eGiving  account.  This works like an electronic version of an envelope number which allows us to generate a giving report for you each year.  All eGiving transactions for your Profile are combined with any envelope donations to generate one annual giving report.

Your offering is transferred electronically and placed immediately in the church bank account.  You are notified of each transaction via preferences set in your Profile or with your one-time giving transaction.

Help is available if you would like to try eGiving

Brenda Braitling, a member of the Stewardship Team, has been designated by the Church Council to set up the system, assure federal PCI compliance and assist with any technical questions or concerns anyone may have about Hope’s eGiving opportunity.