Privacy Policy and Use of Personally Identifying Data

Hope Lutheran Church of Saint Petersburg Florida Inc (HOPE) is a member congregation of the the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America within the Florida-Bahamas Synod.

This website reflects the expression of this congregation alone in its corporate mission.

Tracking User activity

It is the policy of HOPE to not track users of this site other than to provide an interactive experience while using this site.

Communication using WebForms

All communications with HOPE via the website are confidential to the webmaster, parish secretary, pastor or designated individual and used only to provide transmission of information. They are retained until they are confirmed received.

Sensitive Data and WebForms

Please DO NOT use this website to communicate sensitive information that is to remain strictly confidential. A SPAM filtering service may transmit header information to a third party server for analysis. It may be sampling the content to make a determination whether or not it fits a SPAM pattern. For example if prayer is required for your health, do not convey any information that should not be shared in public corporate prayer. If there is private information you wish to convey, please contact the Church Office directly or indicate you need a return call / email and provide your contact information.

Personal or Sensitive Data and Legal Inquiry

Your information is NOT protected from legal inquiry if shared via this website. HOPE will comply with any appropriate legal request for information or disclosure regarding any communications initiated by the user of interest on this site. The website is a public communication tool and is not a conveyance of private religious matters.

Inappropriate Communication and Legal Review

Please do not engage in any inappropriate communications using this website. Inappropriate communications may be reviewed by legal counsel or law enforcement as necessary. Please just be kind.

Regarding electronic giving.

We maintain PCI compliance, reviewed and recertified annually since February 2020. This site uses HTTPS to secure page loads and other server – browser transactions. However, all electronic banking or merchant transactions are handled offsite by VANCO. HOPE further recommends engaging with our VANCO account using the link on our site to securely transfer to their website. HOPE encourages establishing and also logging in to your personal account created there – so that all transactions are handled under your direct control with a cumulative record of transactions available to you there. We do not participate in VANCO’s mobile app.

Regarding Worship Recording

Starting December 20, 2020 HOPE began recording Worship services with worshippers able to be present in the Sanctuary.
>>The camera is directed to the altar and lectionary region of the church, also capturing the music in worship region.
>>It is NOT the intent of HOPE to record or display any individual persons at worship, privately reading, prayer, song, communion or baptism without their knowledge and agreement.
>>A notification is displayed in the Sanctuary indicating that video recording is in progress during worship.
>>Recordings are NOT livestreamed. They are posted to the congregation’s YouTube page.
>>If you feel you are individually identifiable in the video recording and are uncomfortable with your likeness being shared on this website during the week following the service, please contact the church office directly so that the video may be reviewed.

Limitation of this Policy to this Website

Please address any privacy issues regarding linked content, pages or files that are not contained on this website to their authors. 

The Calendar, Events, and links or displays from social media sites including, but not limited to YouTube or Facebook, are also not covered by this website privacy policy.

Any Static Pages, Comments, Posts or News items may be reviewed by the Webmaster and adjusted for privacy, appropriateness or accuracy at the written request of the Congregational Council or Pastor

Privacy Policy Contact

Contact the Church Office if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy.

Originally Posted July 14, 2022 – Reviewed By Webmaster October 11, 2022