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Thank you from ELCA Domestic Disaster Response

July 5, 2011

Thank you for your gifts to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response.  Your gift means the church can continue to respond efficiently and effectively to disasters that have already occurred and can stand ready to those that may come in the future.

When spring storms struck in Alabama and Missouri, gifts to ELCA Disaster Response meant that volunteers were already prepared to swing into action.  Some helped neighbors navigate insurance paperwork.  Others rushed to build dorms where more volunteers could stay while helping the recovery effort.  And the church stood ready to train and organize staff and volunteers for Camp Noah and God’s Can-Do Kids, free day camp programs that help children work through their worries in a fun and supportive environment.  That’s how ELCA Disaster Response works – helping people rebuild both homes and hearts.

To neighbors around the corner and around the country, your gifts bring both help and hopes.  Thank you.

The Rev. Daniel Rift, Director

ELCA Would Hunger and Disaster Appeal

Lutheran World Relief

Several members of the congregation have asked what was the monetary value of Hope’s 2006 LWR donations. That is a difficult question to answer. I have to be on the inexpensive side as we, I am sure: always buy on sale or with coupons.

  • 13 sewing kits @ $10.50 a kit $ 139.50
  • 43 school kits @ $4.75 a kit 204.25
  • 39 health kits @ $5.00 a kit 224.25
  • 248 bars of soap @ $.30 a bar 74.40
  • 51 quilts @ $25.00 per quilt plus, sent to 1,275.00
  • LSF for Katrina victims in South West Fl.
    • 49 health kits @ 5,00 a kit 281.75
    • 100 bars of soap 30.00
  • TOTAL $ 2,229.15

The value of quilts is subjective, as there are so many variables. There is the donated materials plus the labor. The labor is more than most of us know. It takes dedication to put these donations into a quilt.

Joanne Johnston, LWR Coordinator